Privacy Statements

TallyLights maintains the highest standard in the protection of privacy over the Internet. The purpose of this statement is to explain the types of information TallyLights obtains about visitors to our website, how the information is obtained, how it is used, and how visitors can restrict its use or disclosure.
The only information TallyLights obtains about individual visitors to our websites is information supplied voluntarily by the visitor. This means that you can visit our websites without telling us who you are or revealing any information about yourself — we DO NOT track where you go on our sites, so you never receive unsolicited emails from us.
You can choose to provide individually-identifiable information to TallyLights in the following ways:
We do not sell or disclose individually-identifiable information obtained on-line about our visitors to anyone outside of TallyLights unless it is required by law, or disclosure is necessary to protect the safety of customers, employees or property.
While we do not disclose individually-identifiable information obtained on-line about our visitors to anyone outside of TallyLights, including distributors, those signing up for product information may receive site-specific information regarding updates, news, conferences, or other information which we deem to be important to our visitors.
From time to time, the TallyLights website may use “cookies” to improve our level of service to visitors. Cookies are lines of text that are transmitted to your web browser when you click on a site. Your browser stores the information on your hard drive and when you return to that site later, the cookie is transmitted back to the server that originally sent it to you. Cookies provide a way for a server to recall a previous request or previous registration, or to keep track of a transaction as it progresses, so that information does not have to be repeated. To be notified when you are about to receive a cookie you can configure your browser to alert you when a site is attempting to send you a cookie and at that time you will have the option of refusing the cookie. You can check your hard drive for cookie files, on the “cookies.txt” file on your PC’s hard drive; or under “magic cookies” on a Macintosh.
TallyLights is committed to safeguarding customer privacy on the TallyLights website. We require our employees to protect the privacy of information about our customers and expect our partners and suppliers to do so as well. You can feel confident that your individually-identifiable information will be protected when you access our webpage or order products from us over the Internet.
The TallyLights website may contain links to other sites. We are not responsible for the content or the privacy practices employed by other sites. To improve the services we can offer you, TallyLights may expand its capabilities for obtaining information about users in the future. TallyLights will continually update this privacy statement to ensure that you are aware of any new developments in this regard.