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“Best investment I have made in a while.” A preacher and his camera crew, who do a multi-camera studio shoot, quickly got the knack of TallyLights during their first production attempt.
“This will save us having to pay someone to stand in the studio and physically point to the current live camera. The tally lights are bright enough for the talent to see.”
The TallyLight Controller was installed on an Edirol HD switcher.
“I would recommend anyone with a studio situation and limited help to do what I did – BUY THEM!”
– Bill Roberson
Owner, Electronic Playground Video Productions
Tupelo, MS
“We had searched high and low for a solution before TallyLights took it upon themselves to create the fix.”
TallyLights offers a controller that enables the studio tally lights to function on JVC GY-DV550U cameras while using a Newtek VT-5 switcher with JVC RM-210 CCU’s.
“Previously, this was a cumbersome shortfall of the VT-5 system, and we lived with it for over a year. The TallyLights Controller fits in a small space, about the size of a paperback book, and it has been working flawlessly. The investment we made in this was worth every penny!”
– H. Jay Wiencko, Jr.
Executive Director, Community Media Network

Troy, MI

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